Shinning Silver Brush Kit T265

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1. Shining Party kit with sand blasting handle and metal fittings shines bright like diamonds, as if it were the sparkle of a party.

2. This Shinning Party set is a versatile selection of eight vegan brushes. 

3. Exclusively made of pure synthetic hair. 

4. The collection includes a choice of classic face and eye brushes. 

5. Suitable even for the most sensitive skin.

Product introduction:

1. Powder Brush

This brush is ideally shaped to apply loose and pressed powder. Before application, gently flick the brush with your thumb and index finger to remove excess powder, then deposit the product where desired.

2. Blusher & Contour

Apply your highlighter or Blusher of choice with this multi-functional brush to any areas of your face that light would naturally hit: the tops of your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose. Blend softly for a natural finish.

3. Angled Contour

This brush works marvelously with cream and powder eyeshadows alike. Carefully press the shadow onto your lid with the flat top of the brush. Create depth by applying a darker shade to the crease or to the outer corner of the nose.

4. Blending Brush

This brush is an essential tool for a professional eye makeup and a defined crease.

Using circular motions, smoothly blend eyeshadow transitions or create depth by applying a darker shade in the eyelid crease and blending it seamlessly in a windshield-wiper motion.

5. Medium Eyeshadow

This eyeshadow brush is medium-sized shader brush for applying eyeshadow evenly from lash to crease. Carefully press the shadow onto your lid with the flat side of the brush. Create depth by applying a darker shade to the crease, following the curve of the eye.

6. Small Eyeshadow

This small eyeshadow brush allows for an easy and detailed eyeshadow application. To finalize your eye makeup, use a light, shimmery eyeshadow to set gorgeous accents by highlighting the inner corners of your eyes or the middle of the lids.

7. Brow Brush

Use the Brow brush to re-draw the outer lines of your eyebrows by following your natural brow shape symmetrically. Fill in the brows using short upward strokes. To create an extra natural look, use two different shades and apply the lighter tone to the fullest part of brows and the darker tone to define the outer part.

8. Pencil

This pencil brush is an expert in detailed work around the crease. Used at the lash line, this brush is also utterly suitable for smudging soft kohl or selectively applying eye shadow on the lower lash line for a particularly expressive look.


1. Brush cleaning water ( below 40 Celsius ) , and not exceed 3/4 of the brush head.

2. Reshape and let it dry upside down to avoid any water remaining in the ferrule.

3. Do not put brush handle in the water to avoid brush broken.


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