JESSUP is a Hong Kong brand founded in 2013 by Daniel X and his wife Jessie X, named after Jessie and their vision for a better life (“Jess” + “Up”).

Jessup is a beauty brand created for the creators, such as professional, amateur and artist, girls and women. Our momentum roots started with those people who are looking for unique makeup without dig deep to break their piggy bank.

We’ve been making professional yet affordable brushes but didn’t stop there.

We transform ideas into innovative cosmetic brushes and other accessories. We still believe and invest in the value of craftsmanship, technique and quality, which are its tradition and zenith. We spare no expense in optimizing our brushes and formulas to create a professional experience that is affordable—a wondering experience that people can feel empowered and supported in their individual beauty when they are using our products. Sustainability for Jessup is not just a trend, it is a corporate value and a lifestyle.  We are continuously exploring new ways to reduce our environmental footprint through sustainable practices and green sourcing of raw materials.

We strive to provide superior quality cosmetic solutions for makeup lovers and global cosmetics business partners.


A Reliable Professional Makeup Assistant



Daniel and Jessie were both born in the same remote mountainous area, but they first met each other in a different city during their undergraduate study, which sowed the seed for their later acquaintance and love. Years later, they came across each other on a blog. Jessie was attracted by the humorous, bright, and handsome Daniel, whom she quickly fell in love with and took the initiative to ask him out. After getting to know each other, Daniel, too, could not help but fall deeply in love with the beautiful, brilliant, and gentle Jessie.

One day in 2013, while out shopping, they walked past a beauty store, and Jessie’s eyes lit up at the exquisite makeup products behind the glass showcase. Like other beauty seekers, she is obsessed with makeup. However, they ended up not buying anything because they had just graduated from university and could not afford such a set of perfect but expensive beauty products. Despite this, Daniel believed that everyone, whether rich or poor, has the right to pursue beauty. At that point, he was determined to do whatever he could to support Jessie’s love of beauty. In the meantime, he hoped that he can help people like Jessie earn respect, find their own unique beauty, and become more confident for their own good, not just the good of others.

Since then, Daniel and Jessie have devoted themselves to the beauty industry, committed to providing professional, high quality, and affordable products to those who want to look good. There are joys and sorrows in the days of starting a career. For countless sleepless nights, they held hands and watched the sun rise together. But they have risen from the dark days, supported by their firm faith in their cause, which did not waver despite the hardships. They continue to believe that life will be better.

Over the years, under the leadership of Daniel and Jessie, JESSUP remains true to the original intention and creates a wide range of products with an artisanal spirit. It provides makeup lovers with more personalized beauty options and helps them achieve their own unique beauty.



In 2013, Jessup was founded by Daniel and Jessie in Hong Kong. Jessup is now working with the world-famous e-commerce platforms such as eBay, Amazon, AliExpress, Shopee, Lazada, Facebook, etc. and lots of local distributors in many countries. Jessup products are selling well in more than 200 countries or regions and benefiting more than 10 million customers in the world.



Jessup offers a variety of Makeup Brushes, Makeup Sponges, Makeup Brush Cleaner, Cosmetics Bag, Makeup Storage, False Eyelashes etc.

Jessup offers a variety of Makeup Brushes, Makeup Sponges, Makeup Brush Cleaner, Cosmetics Bag, Makeup Storage, False Eyelashes etc.

Years of experience in R&D, Production and Marketing together enables Jessup to produce a variety of makeup tools with competitive prices and high quality efficiently to our clients. In particular, we are providing customized products professionally with our expertise to make your personalized products more unique.



JESSUP TEAM is a professional team.

We are a professional team. We explore, persevere, concentrate, pay attention to the inner quality and dig into every single detail. We cooperate, innovate and break through. We do our best to provide the best service to each our clients and convey the beauty of originality infinitely.

We are a young team. We have attitude, feelings and warmth. We unite everyone as our family members and close friends. We tolerate all kinds of personalities so that everyone’s talent can be fully utilized here.