Makeup Influencer Wanted



Do you wanna win competing with other Influencers or competitors?

Does your content need better products to support?

Do you partner with makeup brand? Want to easily turn your content into some kind of capital or take a chance to create a co-branded product exclusively for you with the brand? 

Come On! Come and cooperate with us!

We sincerely invite interested Makeup Artists /  Makeup Influencers / Makeup Teachers to join us and nd seek common development.



By joining the Jessup Influencer Program, you will get more opportunities to become well-known Influencer / makeup presenter on online platforms or social media channels.

We provide you with extraordinary products and support you create more excellent contents;  

You can get exclusive offers or co-branding opportunities to help you to amplify the reach of your influence! 

Dare Challenge it and change it !

Candidates Requirements:
  • 1. Like or proficient in makeup

  • 2. Have more than 10K followers on social Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok etc.

  • 3. Good social interpersonal skills and good insight into consumer psychology


Material Benefit:

1. Sponsorships
A — Gifting Products
B — Social platform Sponsorships
C—Podcast Sponsorships
D—Sponsored Blog Content
E—Sponsored Video Content
2. Paid Shoutouts

3. Guest Content
A — Guest Blogging / Reverse Guest Blogging
B — Guest Video / Reverse Guest Video
C — Guestographics
D — Guest Podcasts
E — Live Office Hours / Webinars
F —Virtual Summits
G —Ask Me Anything (AMA)
H —Takeovers

4. Collaborations
A —Product Collaborations
B —Content Collaborations

5. Contests and Giveaways
6. Product Reviews
7. Invitations

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