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Jessup Brushes 8pcs Beauty Bamboo Professional Makeup Brushes  Buffer Paint Cheek Highlight Shader 

Size: 15.2cm-17.5cm
Brush Material: Synthetic Hair
Handle Material: Wood
Quantity: 8pcs

Applied On: Face / Cheek / Lip / Eye / Lash / Eyelash / Eyelid /Eyebrow/Neck
Usage: Make Up Artist / Studio/Gift / Beauty School

103   Definer Buffer
Length about:17.5cm/ Tip length about: 2.5cm
Handle type:Bamboo/ Hair type : Synthetic hair
Detailed application and blending of foundation
105   Luxe Highlight
Length about:16.7cm/ Tip length about: 3.2cm
Handle type:Bamboo/ Hair type : Synthetic hair
Apply highlighter
109   Luxe Face Paint
Length about:14.2cm     Tip length about:2.1cm
Handle type:Bamboo               Hair type : Synthetic hair
Apply contour powder
127   Luxe Sheer Cheek
Length about:15.6cm/ Tip length about:3.2cm
Handle type:Bamboo/ Hair type : Synthetic hair
Apply powder blush
142   Concealer Buffer
Length about:15.6cm/Tip length about:1.6cm
Handle type:Bamboo/ Hair type : Synthetic hair
Apply and blend concealer
222   Luxe All Over Shader
Length about:15.2cm/Tip length about:1.5cm
Handle type:Bamboo/ Hair type : Synthetic hair
over application of eyeshadow
227   Luxe Soft Definer
Length about:16.2cm/ Tip length about:1.2cm
Handle type:Bamboo/  Hair type : Synthetic hair
Softly blend and smooth eyeshadow
317   Wing Liner
Length about:15.7cm/ Tip length about:0.8cm
Handle type:Bamboo/ Hair type : Synthetic hair
Detailed eyeliner strokes and a perfect wing

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I have been a fan of your brand for a long time now. I use your “individual eye brushes 15pcs” set every single day. I absolutely love that you have made such affordable makeup kits, brushes,bags and eyeshadow palettes at such good quality. I have never had brushes that do my makeup as well as yours...


I am writing to you because i would like to tell you how much i admire your brushes. I am a makeup lover and i post on instagram from September 2019. Since then i use your brushes to create all my makeups. I think i have 5 sets of jessup brushes in my collection. I love them...



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