Gift Set Colorful Brushes with Sponges + Case + Bag T319

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Jessup Makeup Gift Set Colorful Brushes with Sponges + Case + Bag from Jessup Beauty on Vimeo.

This comprehensive makeup tools kit includes a Fantasy brushes set with a unique crystal bag, and essential 5 magical sponges with a travel bag, and a crystal-like acrylic brush storage. It provides a complete solution for the entire process from the creation of foundation makeup to the daily makeup and eye makeup, as well as the carrying and storage of brushes, sponges and other accessories.

Colorful Makeup Gift Set - Jessup Beauty

Colorful makeup brush set - Jessup Beauty

cosmetoc storage bag - Jessup Beauty

beauty blender magical sponge - Jessup beauty

colorful beauty blender - Jessup Beauty

small beauty blender - Jessup Beauty

makeup sponge set - Jessup Beauty


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