Black Precision Brush Kit 16pcs T272

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T272( 16PCS/SET): Black Precision Brush Kit


Traditionally handmade by specially skilled brush master                                        
Color:Phantom Black                               
Lengh :Confortable for Hold

Hair: Vegan ,dense,flexible and fine,silky soft synthetic hair. 
Hair Color: Faux red

Ferrule:The Resistant Alloy ,Glossy Black

Handle:The seven times coated brush handle made of genuine wood .Matte Black

The Makeup Lover - Precision collection features a curated assortment of award-winning and brand-new brushes. This set boasts 16pcs professional eye essentials. Each brush is handcrafted from a super soft blend of purely synthetic hairs to deliver comfort, precision, and luxury with each and every stroke. Achieve unlimited eye makeup looks with our perfectly arranged Makeup Lover Precision collection.


16pcs brushes in detail:

1. 1pc Highlight 
2. 1pc Concealer brush 
3. 5pcs Eyeshadow brush 
4. 6pcs Eye Blending brush 
5. 2pc Eye liner brush 
6.1pc Spoolie brush 

Jessup MUL06 ( Definer Brush): It is a great tool for quick touch-ups with powder, selective highlighting as well as setting makeup with powder under the eye area. 
Jessup MUL07 ( Powder Fusion Brush): It is the perfect tool for the precise application of highlighter, powder and contouring products. 
Jessup MUL08 ( Angled Concealer Brush ) : This concealer brush has an angled edge that is just right for blending in cream formulas to create a flawless finish. 
Jessup MUL09 ( Soft Crease Brush ): Designed for the use with pressed powder and loose pigment eyeshadow, this brush creates the smoothest transitions and ensures highly professional makeup results. 
Jessup MUL10 ( Round blender Brush) : Suitable for the use with loose and pressed eyeshadow products, this brush ensures a controlled application and shading of color. 
Jessup MUL11 ( Soft Definer ) : Designed for the use with pressed powder and loose pigment eyeshadow, this brush lays color down gently and easily – for a well blended, but defined effect. Jessup MUL12 ( Drip Eyeshadow Brush): The expert blending brush perfectly adapts to the eyelid crease, gradually building color and softening transitions for a flawless finish. 
Jessup MUL13 ( Pencil brush ) : The handcrafted Pencil allows professional, detailed working and precise shading around the eye area. 
Jessup MUL14 ( Classic Shader ) : Its medium size and paddle shape allow for a quick and even application of pressed powder and loose pigment eyeshadow on the entire eyelid. 
Jessup MUL15 ( Cream Shader ) : The pure synthetic hair and rounded shape of the brush flatter the contours of the eye and allow for an even and smooth application of all cream eyeshadow products as well as eyeshadow primers. 
Jessup MUL16 ( Medium Cream Shader ) : This brush loves all things glittery and packs in tight . Jessup MUL17 ( Precision Cream Shader ) : For all-over color or a smoked out lower lash line, grab this artist’s essential oval brush. 
Jessup MUL18( Detail Shader ) : The dense, dome-shaped brush adapts impeccably to the natural shape of the eyes and works perfectly for smudging and blending out liners and shadows as well as highlighting the inner corners of the eyes. 
Jessup MUL19 ( Angle Liner ) : Designed to be used with liquid and cream formulas and equipped with pure synthetic hair, it expertly applies eyeliner for a flawless glide along the lash line. 
Jessup MUL20( Precision Eyeliner ) : The pointed, flexible tip made of pure synthetic hair allows for a controlled and dense application along the lashline and creates impeccable, classic eyeliner looks. 
Jessup MUL21( Spoolie Brush ) : Comb through brows to tame and shape. Also use to pull through lashes for separation and exactness.

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