Bamboo Complete Makeup Brush Set 20 Pcs T145

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20pcs Beauty Bamboo Professional Makeup Brushes Set Make up Brush Tools kit Foundation Powder Brushes Eye Shader

105   Highlight :

Length about :16.7cm /Tip length about : 3.2cm
Apply highlighter

109   Face Paint :

Length about : 14.2cm/ Tip length about : 2.1cm
Apply contour powder

110   Face Shape:

Length about : 15.4cm/ Tip length about : 2.2cm
Contour the face shape with cream and powder products

122   Petit Stippling :

Length about : 15.1cm/Tip length about : 1.8cm
Apply cream blush, concealer und highlighter

142   Concealer Buffer :

Length about : 15.6cm/ Tip length about : 1.6cm
Apply and blend concealer

221    Soft Crease :

Length about :16.6cm     Tip length about : 1.8cm
Blending eyeshadow to perfection

222     All Over Shader :

Length about : 15.2cm     Tip length about : 1.5cm
Application of eyeshadow

223   Petit Eye Blender :

Length about : 15.4cm     Tip length about : 1.3cm
Accentuate the crease

226   Smudger :

Length about : 16.5cm     Tip length about : 0.7cm
Smudge eyeshadow and kohl along the lashline

227   Soft Definer :

Length about : 16.2cm     Tip length about : 1.2cm
Softly blend and smooth eyeshadow

228   Crease :

Length about : 16.4cm     Tip length about : 2.1cm
Blend and shade eyeshadow in the crease

230  Pencil :

Length about : 16.3cm     Tip length about : 1.2cm
Precise shading and smooth edges

231  Petit Crease :

Length about : 15.7cm     Tip length about : 1.6cm
Accentuate and blend in the crease

233   Cream Shader :

Length about : 15.2cm     Tip length about : 1.5cm
Application of cream eyeshadow

234   Luxe Smoky Shader :

Length about : 15.6cm     Tip length about : 1.7cm
Shading and blending with smoky effect

237   Detail Shader :

Length about : 15.8cm     Tip length about : 0.6cm
Detailed application of eyeshadow

312   Detail Liner :

Length about : 15.2cm     Tip length about : 0.5cm
Fine and detailed eyeliner strokes

317   Wing Liner :

Length about : 15.7cm     Tip length about : 0.8cm
Detailed eyeliner strokes and  perfect wing

322   Brow Line :

Length about : 17.0cm     Tip length about : 0.6cm
Eyebrow brush use for powder and cream products


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