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Jessup 15pcs Purple Dark violet Makeup Brushes Set Powder Foundation Eyeshadow Eyeliner Lip Contour Concealer Smudge Brush Tool

Material: Wood

Hair color: Dark violet

The color of metal pipe: Gold

Handle color: Purple


1. Powder :

Length : 18.7cm / t
ip length: 4.5cm  Tip width:  4.5cm

Handle type : Wood / Hair type : Synthetic hair.

Use this brush to do a final dusting     

2. Blusher 

Length :18cm/ Tip length : 3.7cm /Tip width:3.5cm

Handle type : Wood ;            

   Hair type is: Synthetic hair.

Apply at the apple of the cheek and work back towards the hairline in circular motions.

3. Buffing 

Length :16.5cm/ Tip length: 2.3cm/Tip width  2.5cm

Handle type : Wood ; Hair type: Synthetic hair.

Use this brush to blend foundation into the skin for a seamless complexion.

4. Contour brush :

Length :16.2cm/ Tip length : 1.5cm/Tip width :3.2cm

Handle type : Wood /  Hair type: Synthetic hair.

Can be used with contour stick or matte cream bronzer under the cheekbone to define the shape of the face.

5. Angled face 

Length :16.3cm/  Tip length : 2cm /Tip width 3.2cm

Handle type : Wood / Hair type: Synthetic hair.

The circular shape is foolproof for applying cream blush.

 6. Foundation 

Length :17.3cm / Tip length: 3cm / Tip width : 2cm

Handle type : Wood /  Hair type: Synthetic hair.

Build coverage where needed or stay as sheer as you like.

7. Fluffy Shadow 

Length: 15.7cm /Tip length : 1.6cm / Tip width : 1.4cm

Handle type : Wood /  Hair type: Synthetic hair.

Ideal for finishing the eye by blending all shadow together so there are no harsh lines.

8. Small Shadow 

Brushes length about:15.6cm    

Tip length about: 1.1cm  Tip width about 0.8cm

Handle type : Wood /  Hair type is: Synthetic hair.

Applies shadow with perfect control for more detailed areas.

9. Blending 

Length :15.7cm /Tip length: 1.8cm/  Tip width: 1.3cm

Handle type : Wood /  Hair type is: Synthetic hair.

Application and blending of powder products

10. Crease 

Length:15.4cm/  Tip length: 1.3cm/Tip width: 0.7cm

Handle type : Wood / Hair type is: Synthetic hair.

Using a deeper shade in the crease with create the illusion of depth.

11. Precision Smudge 

Length:15.5cm/ Tip length : 1.1cm /Tip width :0.5cm

Handle type : Wood / Hair type is: Synthetic hair.

Using the lip brush allows you to control the level of application from sheer to heavy coverage.

12. Smudge 

Length about: 14.7cm/ Tip length : 0.6cm  Tip width: 0.5cm

Handle type : Wood / Hair type is: Synthetic hair.

When smudging out pencil liner be sure to wipe off brush with a tissue in between smudges.This will help you achieve the smokey effect and not a color overload.  

13. Angled liner :

Brushes length: 15cm/Tip length: 0.7cm/ Tip width:0.5cm

Handle type : Wood/ Hair type is: Synthetic hair.

Can use wet or dry with powder liners. Using wet will achieve a bolder effect.

14. Concealer 

Length: 15.4cm / Tip length: 1.4cm  Tip width: 0.6cm

Handle type : Wood/  Hair type is: Synthetic hair.

Dip brush in cream product and apply where needed.

15. Spoolie :

Length:16.5cm/ Length: 2.5cm

Handle type: Wood/  Hair type : Fibre

Great for trimming brows! Use the spoolie to brush up brows and then trim longer hairs with a nail scissor.

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I have been a fan of your brand for a long time now. I use your “individual eye brushes 15pcs” set every single day. I absolutely love that you have made such affordable makeup kits, brushes,bags and eyeshadow palettes at such good quality. I have never had brushes that do my makeup as well as yours...


I am writing to you because i would like to tell you how much i admire your brushes. I am a makeup lover and i post on instagram from September 2019. Since then i use your brushes to create all my makeups. I think i have 5 sets of jessup brushes in my collection. I love them...



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