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Brown Makeup Brushes Set Professional Premium Synthetic 15pcs T498

Brown Makeup Brushes Set Professional Premium Synthetic 15pcs T498

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Jessup Makeup Brushes Set 15pcs Brown Make up Brushes Set Professional Premium Synthetic Foundation Eyebrow Concealer Blush Eyeshadow Contour Eyeliner Powder Blending Highlighter Brush

Versatile powder brush: Precisely press and blend powder onto the face and body
Detail Foundation brush: Buff foundation to blend product into the skin or tap on small area of face
Detail Setting brush: Press powder onto under eye, or sweep lightly to blend
Blush & Contour brush: Apply product blush to cheeks or contour shade into hollows of cheeks, hairline, or jawline
Fan brush (highlighter brush): Gently sweep the brush over the cheeks or the areas want to accentuate
Concealer Touch: Gently stipple product on area needs color correct
Eyeshadow Brushes: Whether applied dry or wet, these brushes deepen the colors in each specific area. You have the flexibility to select your preferred eyeshadow shades and use them to enhance different areas like the eyelids, lash roots, and creases.
Blending Brushes for makeup: We can enhance the natural look of our makeup by carefully choosing from these brushes of varying sizes to apply and blend colors on our eyelids, creases, lash roots, and other areas as needed for eye makeup.
Wing Liner (eyeliner brush): Draw a clean, fine liner along the lashes with your products.
Eyebrow brush: Fill in and shape your brows using your brow products.

Jessup Exclusive Faux Natural hair, Vegan, cruelty-free, Easy to clean.
Unique Handles:
Natural birch wooden, Appropriate length, and easy to hold.
Aluminum-alloy, Extremely strong.

15pcs Comprehensive Collection T498 includes:
6pcs x Face Makeup Brushes (foundation brush, powder brush, contour brush, blush brush, highlighter brush, and concealer brush)
9pcs x Eye Makeup Brushes (3pcs eyeshadow brushes, 4pcs blending brush for makeup, 1pc eyeliner brush, and an eyebrow brush)
1pc x Gift Box

15Pcs Eye Brushes Collection T499 includes:
5pcs x Blending Brush for Makeup
6pcs x Eye Shadow Brush
1pc x Concealer Brush for Eye
2pc x Angled Eyeliner Brush
1pc x Eyebrow Brush
1pc x Gift Box

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