Individual Eyeshadow Brushes 15Pcs T217

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Jessup 15PCS  Pear White/Rose Gold Eye Makeup Brushes. This set literally has EVERY single brush you could possibly ever need or want to apply your eye makeup from start to finish! 

It is the go-to brushes whether for creating a natural eye, a smoky look or anything in between.

Hair: natural-synthetic mixed hair. Jessup’s latest High-quality natural-synthetic hair technology make brushes luxury and unique, it has super ability to grasp power, touch skin friendly. It is durable for many years.

Pearl White Handle:High-quality pure natural birch wood collocated with exquisite pearlescent paint. It looks nice and noble either for your own use or give as a charming gift.

Rose Gold Ferrule:  finest quality aluminum by hand-sculpted.

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