Coral Sea - 7Pcs Living Coral Brush Set T270

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  1. Lip Brush   2. Eyeshader brush    3. Blush Brush   4. Multitask brush   5. Foundation Brush   6. Blender Brush   7. Angled Brush

A. Jessup newly brush set CORAL SEA design is inspired by the orange coral in the Coral Sea.

B. This set contains 7 different shapes, which looks like a piece of orange coral, blooming its beauty; The ABS handle is lightweight and convenient to carry. The bristle of the brush touches your skin, like the Coral swing gently in the water, so silky soft, gentle and no irritation.

C. Every color has its own story, we can retain the most beautiful and bright color in this deep sea with our unremitting efforts. Cherishing this color just the same as loving your beauty.




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