What Makeup Brushes Are A Must Have?

No. 1: Flat and round foundation brush

The bristles of the foundation brush are generally relatively tight. Although it is tight, a good foundation brush will not feel sticky at all on the face. It is very soft! When using the foundation brush, use a circular or quick poke method to apply the foundation. The foundation that comes out in this way will be very natural, and there are few brush marks.

foundation makeup brush - Jessupflat foundation makeup brush - Jessup

No. 2: Blush brush

Large blush brush Professional - Jessup

Blush brushes are generally relatively fluffy, because in this case, the ability to grasp powder will be stronger, and the color will be more natural and even! Mainly flame type, and most of them are a size smaller than loose powder, so that you can accurately apply the blush to the desired position!

No.3: Loose powder brush

The loose powder brush is the largest and most fluffy of all the makeup brushes. When using it, apply the loose powder to fix the makeup on the face in a circular motion!

loose powder brush Large - Jessup

No.4: Shadow brush

The shadow brush is mainly used to make the nose shadow or some details of the shadow, mainly with the oblique head brush, because the oblique head brush can be a natural transition when the nose shadow is applied. This type of brush is generally relatively fluffy. In addition to the nasal sound, it can also be used to repair the hairline, chin, people, etc.

shader highlight makeuo brush - Jessup

No.4: Contour brush

The contouring brush is used for contouring and facial contouring. Both the contouring brush and the shadow brush are in the shape of an oblique brush, because they can complement the angle of the face well.

angled contour makeup brush - Jessup

No.5: Eye shadow brush

Eye makeup is really the most complicated part of our entire makeup, so the eyeshadow brush is subdivided into many brushes.

No.6: Smudge brush

Relatively fluffy, suitable for large-area smudging primers, and large-area primers with relatively natural and lighter colors in the war zone, deepening the eye sockets.

No.7: Flat head brush

The flat-head brush is also called the detail brush. It is used to soften the lower eyelids and lying silkworms. The brush head is small and tight, and the details can be handled very well!

No.8: Tinting brush

The tinting brush will be firmer than the blending brush. It is used to deepen the end of the eyes and the double eyelids. This sand is more suitable for dipping into darker eyeshadow!

No.9: Eyebrow brush

Everyone knows that the eyebrow brush is used to draw the eyebrows. Dip the eyebrow gel or powder, and the eyebrows drawn with the eyebrow brush will look softer and more natural. But compared to the eyebrow pencil, the eyebrow brush is, It’s more difficult to use, so you need to practice harder!