What Is A Fan Makeup Brush Used For?

Makeup brushes have different shapes. Among all the brushes, a fan brush often seems to be the most confusing. Its cool, unique looking which makes you hard to fighure our how to use. Acutually, it has so many uses in our daily makeup routine.

For Highlight

This super soft can be used to highlight your features. Swirl the brush in your powder highlighter, gently buff powder onto your cheekbones using a sweeping motion.

Large Soft Fan Makeup Brush

Rush away makeup mistakes

It also work exceptionally well as a mistake-corrector. Maybe you’re applying a smoky eye and you got carried away the eye shadow, flecks of pigment are everywhere, and you’re a raccoon now. Don't smudge it with your fingers! Instead, gently brush away any fallout with the fan brush.

Small Fan Makeup Brush - Jessup

Blend out dark lines

After laying down your foundation, blush, bronzer and highlighter, use a large, fluffy fan brush to blend out any harsh lines — jawline, forehead, cheekbones and nose.

Medium size fan makeup brush - Jessup