Best Way to Store Makeup Brushes at Home

Where do you usually put your makeup brushes? Spread it on the table or tuck it into the makeup case? Makeup brushes are one of the hidden dangers of adult acne. Incorrect storage can easily breed bacteria. In addition to reducing the life of the brush, it also causes various skin problems. How to store makeup brushes correctly? Let's see what we can do for you.

For daily used cosmetic brushes,  they need to be placed in a storage bucket. That will be convenient to take and use. We recommend storage buckets with a dust cover lid. In addition, the brushes can be inserted separately to prevent different bristles from colliding with each other.

For Infrequently used makeup brushes, We recommend to put them in the makeup bag and picking them up when needed. When we first buy the makeup brush, we can directly choose the makeup brush set with bag or storage box. For example, this one. This brush kit come with a black bag with compartments for each brush, it is also great for travel.