Jessup Homage II Makeup Gift Kit E712

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Gift Combo Set

Package Including:

1x Eyeshadow Palette

1x Brush Set

1x Brush Cleaner-Dry Sponge

1x Pull Bow

Gift Box Introduction:

  1. The makeup gift kit inspired by a beauty lover’s concern of how to use one product createdmakup kit a whole eye makeup application. In our daily makeup process, we will choose different products to finish our eye look, Jessup beauty is concern about to provide the most convenient makeup set for every beauty lovers. This kit includes everything you need to achieve your ultimate eye look all year round.
  2. Keep it easy with the highly pigmented Eyeshadow Palette Extra Super soft eye makeup brush sets and the special material cleaner formula. The brush is made of synthetic bristles, super soft and easy to carry.
  3. This Brush kit is combined with a Cruelty-free gift package that would make the perfect gift for a loved one!


142   Concealer Buffer :
Brushes length about : 15.6cm     Tip length about : 1.6cm
Apply and blend concealer

227   Soft Definer :
Brushes length about : 16.2cm     Tip length about : 1.2cm
Softly blend and smooth eyeshadow

226   Smudger :
Brushes length about : 16.5cm     Tip length about : 0.7cm
Smudge eyeshadow and kohl along the lashline

231  Petit Crease :
Brushes length about : 15.7cm     Tip length about : 1.6cm
Accentuating and blending in the crease

237   Detail Shader :
Brushes length about : 15.8cm     Tip length about : 0.6cm
Detailed application of eyeshadow

230  Pencil :
Brushes length about : 16.3cm     Tip length about : 1.2cm
Precise shading and smoothing edges

Eyeshadow palette:

01 charmer (off white)

02 jetsetter (warm taupe)

03 rocker (shimmering taupe)

04 smokeshow (black brown)

05 flower child (peachy nude)

06 smarty pants (tan)

07 firecracker (bronze copper)

08 activist (dark brown)

09 funny girl (champagne)

10 sweetheart (peach)

11 rebel (chestnut brown)

12 leader (aubergine)

Brush cleaner-Dry Sponge:

Makeup-removing sponge used dry that allows you to remove eye shadow color and switch to another color without any product transfer.


Glide the eye shadow brush against the sponge to completely remove eye shadow color.

The sponge can be used on either side and can be washed.

Discontinue use of the product in imitation occurs on eyes or skin.

How To Clean The Sponge Box

  1. Pick up theblacksponge from the box.
  2. Wet the sponge with warm water
  3. Applya small amount of gentle soapto the sponge and work into a light lather.
  4. Clean with water and makeit to air-dry.


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