How Long do Makeup Brushes Take to Dry?

Sometimes, we are in a hurry for a party and our brushes are not dry. How to dry makeup brushes fast? Can I use a hairdryer to dry makeup brushes? Pls AVOID blow-drying!!!

It is very frustrating to wait for your makeup brushes to air dry. But, blow-drying makeup brushes can never be the right decision. Because over-drying will damage the bristles, brush shape, and glue holding will also get apart due to excessive heat.
So, what is the best way to dry makeup brushes?

●Use your hand to gently squeeze out excess water after brushes being washed.

●Place them on a microfiber towel, fold the towel over the top, and press gently to remove even more water.

●Hang them upside down from a makeup brush drying rack. 

●Place your makeup drying rack in a cool, well-ventilated area (like near an open window) but out of direct sunlight.

●Allow your brushes to dry completely before use. For thick, dense bristles, this can take several hours or overnight.

Is there an alternative that gets them ready to use faster???
With the methods discussed above, it takes hours for your makeup brushes to get dry. You can also dry your makeup brushes quickly by using the right technique. The proper approach is to use the blow dry your makeup brushes. You might be wondering, I have told you not to blow dry your brushes. Occasional blow-drying with some precautions is the only option to quickly dry your makeup brushes. Here’s how you can blow dry your makeup brushes.
● Set the lowest temperature on your blow drier
● Set the lowest fan speed on your blow drier
● Blow the air gently from handle to bristles while holding the brushes upside down
● Pause this process to reshape the brush and let it cool down
● Continue until your makeup brush is completely dry.