Cleaning Natural Hair Makeup Brushes and Synthetic Hair Brushes

Brush Cleaning

Professional bruhses need professional cleaning.

Cleianing your brushes on a regular basis will keep them smooth and tidy, remove color and in-depth bacteria and avoid irriated skin and break outs.

Cleaning of Natura Hair Brushes

Natural hair needs especially careful cleaning - treat it like it was your own hair. After cleaning, reshape and let it dry upside down to avoid any water remaining in the ferrule. Professional brush soaps and mild hair shampoos will work perfectly as a cleanser.

Makeup artist tio

A drop of conditioner works great as an extra treatment for super soft brushes.

natural hair makeup brush cleaning


Cleaning of Synthetic Hair Brushes

Synthetic hair is easy to clean. All your brushes need a deep and infense cleaning on regular basis, Brushes for cream and liquid products such as foundation or conclear shoud be spot cleaned more often in order to keep them sanitized and free frin bacteria. The ideal cleanser to remove any bacteria are alcohol based formulas.

synthetic makeup brush cleaning


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